3DShow 2017: Interview with Dr. Badrossamay, CTO of Noura Imprinting Layers Ind.

It was a pleasure to have an interview with Mr.Badrossamay, the CTO who is also a member of science committee of mechanical Engineering faculty of Isfahan University.

Iran 3DShow 2017, 3d printing
DR. Badrosamay Interview from Noura Layeh Negar

3DBaz Exclusive – It’s a big proud to claim Noura Imprinting Layers Ind. is capable of producing SLM 3D Printers in Iran.
Aslo it was a pleasure to have an interview with Dr. Badrossamay, the CTO who is also a member of science committee of mechanical Engineering faculty of Isfahan University.
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Noura Imprinting layers ind., Iran 3dshow 2017
Noura Imprinting Layers Ind. team at Iran 3DShow 2017

At the beginning of our talk, Dr. Badrossamay divided 3D printing into two main sections.
The “low price” machines and “high quality” ones.
The second can perform metal 3D printing with high precision.
He added SLM method has the ability to print firm, accurate and functional parts in different industries.

Supporting a big range of materials like steel, titanium, Nickel-based alloys, aluminum or cobalt-Nickel alloys and etc. in SLM technology have made it undoubtedly interesting for industries like medicine in fabricating implants and prosthesis, aerospace and other industries in manufacturing high accurate parts with appropriate mechanical properties.

Then, Badrossamay emphasized on the bold rule of R&D in manufacturing segment and said “Absolutely one of the most significant priorities in any manufacturing organization is research and development and certainly, our professional R&D department has helped us to reach here.”
At the end, he thanked good support of Vice Presidency of science and technology for defining a comprehensive road-map for Iran additive manufacturing future and also underlined the need of approaching to a strategic plan to achieve more success in this field to get the enough power to compete with other worldwide manufacturers.

If you are interested in SLM 3D printing, visit the official website of Noura Imprinting Layers Ind. to get more!


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