Dr. Behzadnasab Magic Filament - Iran 3DShow 2017
Dr. Behzadnasab from IPPI - Magic Filament

3DBaz Exclusive – Following our conversations at Iran 3DShow 2017, we had an interview with Dr. Behzadnasab, a member of Academic Staff of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI).
As you may know, this institute is one the most successful material manufacturers in Iran who sells its filaments and resins all around Iran.

Dr. Behzadnasab Pointed the critical importance of domestic manufacturing.
He talked about importing materials from China and then counted threads of this action for country.
Good quality, affordable price and accessibility of their products were mentioned by him as well.

“Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute is manufacturing different types of 3D Printing materials and it’s done by a professional group of 90 specialists in Academic Staff.” He explained. “Our brand is called Magic which can take the lead over of imported goods in many factors.”

Dr. Behzadnasab talked about resin industry.
“There are two companies using our DLP resin in this event right now.
We’ve devised a strategic plan to develop our resin manufacturing lines.
Also produce 8 new kinds of poly-carbonate filament is in progress.” He said.

It seems that Magic Filament is beginning to export materials in a worldwide scale.
Dr. Behzadnasab commented their filament has been sent to some countries like Norway and Turkey as samples.
In addition, we are negotiating to export our resin material to china which is great!

At the end, He emphasized on defining specific terms and conditions for every aspect of 3D Printing in Iran and requested all domestic manufacturers to obey this rules and conditions in a clear way.
3DBAZ could see glorious signs of material development in this event actually and is hopeful about manufacturers to keep up progressing in this way.
If you want to know more about them, make sure to check them out here!


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