interview with 3diaco at 3dshow 2017
Interview with Mr. Ghazi 3Diaco at Iran 3DShow 2017

3DBaz Exclusive – In the competitions of Iran 3DShow 2017, 3DIACO, the Company with two years of experience in 3D Printing, could achieve the 3rd place for the best FDM 3D Printers.
That’s why we had a short interview with Mr. Ghazi to find out more about 3DIACO and its activities.

At first, he talked about 3DIACO which is almost a new company on this industry and cmentioned the factors to success in this field, specially emphasizing the electronic and mechanic science as two critical proficiency in 3DPriting.
He said, they are hard working on manufacturing 3D printers and also have an online service for submitting 3Dprint orders from costumers.

  • Mr. Ghazi drew a positive view of this exhibition for us and said

honestly, we didn’t expect this too much participation.
To see various guilds including experts, investors, students and scientific staff made it more special and opened a good path for everyone to progress. It was wonderful!

interview with 3diaco at 3dshow 2017
Interview with Mr. Ghazi of 3Diaco at Iran 3DShow 2017
  • At the end, we asked Mr. Ghazi to announce all his requests for supporting manufacturers in Iran that he answered:

One of the biggest challenges of any domestic manufacturer, is to qualify for taking the Knowledge-based certification, actually some rules and standards defined to verify the companies are too strict.
So if it comes smoother than before, more manufacturers can take the financial supports and we’ll be hopeful rather than before to extend our activitvities.

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