Iran 3DSHow 2017, 3D Printing
Interview with 3DGeppetto

3DBaz Exclusive – As lots of 3D Printing followers know, 3DGeppetto is one of the firsts in producing customized 3D Printed statues in Iran.
In this way, we had an interview with Mr. Habibi of 3DGeppetto in the last day of Iran 3DShow 2017.

At the beginning of interview, Mr. Habibi told us about their 2 year experience in 3D printing.
He told us currently they have a designer team consist of 9 specialists, who try to make the best results for costumers.
3DGeppeto services includes scan and designing the 3D file and prepare it in stl format, then 3D Print the statues by FDM or binder jet method to present it to the costumer.

Iran 3DShow, Interview with Habibi from 3dGeppetto
Interview with Habibi (3DGeppetto)

We asked Mr. Habibi some questions, which he answered them shortly.

  • Your booth’s rack tells us that your focus is strongly on making statues. beside that, Do you work on other fields of 3D printing services?

Yes, we are actually concentrated on making statues by now, but we have some plans to start a new project in augmented reality in near future.

  • How did you find this event?

It was a great opportunity for us to show off our services to the enthusiasts and our main focus was on Branding and marketing.

  • Do you use 3D scanners in your processes?
Yes, But I should mention that about 70 percent of costumers want to have their partners surprised and it causes using professional designers to turn the 2D pictures into 3D files. So in those cases 3D scanners doesn’t help.
Finally, He talked about the massive role of social media, to inform people about events and industries like this and complained the lack of governmental financial supports for them.
Now, do you want to make your best friend surprised by her or his 3D printed statue? Visit 3DGeppetto Official website to find out more!


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