Iran 3DShow Botspot
Interview with Mr. Shoar from Asia Andisheh Kish (Botspot)

3DBaz Exclusive – In addition to our visits at Iran 3DShow 2017, we had a short interview with Mr. Shoar from Asia Andishe Kish.
Their main activity is 3D scanning and 3D printing services.
What they provide mostly as a final result is a realistic statue from you.
They serve as German Botspot company trusted agent for their well-known 3D Scanning device. Join us and stay tuned till end.

  • We asked about their general activity. Mr. Shoar explained:

Our job in this exhibition is to provide 3D Scanning services.
The system is consisted of more than 70 cameras and can capture 3D Scan of an object within a second.
The output is a 3D file which is optimized for 3D Printing.

Of course there is feature in our package in order to 3D Print your model.
The 3D Printer inside the bundle prints the statue in full color.
As you mentioned our main service is to make our client’s statue.
  • How was your feedback from this Exhibition? Did you receive your goals?

Such nice event had been held in total because of 2 reasons.
First, our innovative society and domestic manufacturers can get to know the cutting edge technology around the world like American 3D printer and German 3D Scanner in our package.

Secondly, the opportunity to reverse engineering of these devices and preparing to produce them inside.
This could lead to great proud for us.
  • He told about the role of digital media and audience engagement:

Information sharing in digital world is done quietly more efficient and faster than traditional systems.

Like we had paper printing in the past and recently, 3D printing is born.
Digital media is performing beside traditional media.
Although both of them are active, but one is more advanced than the other.
In case you want to know more about them, visit their website or call +982142938411.


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