Rahimian at 3DSHow 2017
Interview with Mr. Rahimian at 3DSHow 2017

3DBaz Exclusive – At late minutes of Iran 3DShow 2017 we made an interesting interview with Mr. Rahimian.
He solely took the first place in DLP 3D Printing competition.
We named him the One-man army, since he managed to succeed only by his own dedication and hard work.

We can clearly claim that they are currently the best DLP 3D Printer manufacturer of Iran in 2017.
They featured in both Exhibition and Competition section of 3DShow.

At the first steps of the embracing 3D printing, Rahimian started to evolve by implementing the high-tech machines in Jewelry industry.
After a while, he found out they can get inspiration and put creativity to build their own 3D Printer.
Long story short, they have now successfully built the Parsa 3D DLP 3D Printer from the scratch, working well and of course won the first place in the competition.
This is sign that his state of art can perform well enough to cover domestic needs.

Parsa 3D
Parsa 3D DLP 3D Printer by Rahimian
He stated that the process of making the machine started with building the body and electronic boards.
After only one year they managed to manufacture their ideal DLP 3D Printer 100% made in Iran.
“The importance of domestic production is extremely high.” He claimed. “By producing any single tiny thing inside, the wheels of industry start to work properly and it will lead to create various opportunities for many people and also can increase the revenues in economy.”

Global interaction and exporting high end goods would be one of the most critical plans of Rahimian Jewelry. officials’ support could make middle eastern industries hear the name of Parsa 3D, the 3D printing machine made by Rahimian in Iran.

  • We asked about research and development and team work importance in success. He clarified:

I myself did my job on my own professionally and I can certainly prove you if I have got a team beside myself, greater achievements would be waiting for me and my company.
I’m seriously looking forward to form an expert and dedicated group of people.

As final notes, Rahimian asked officials forming an enterprise to cover accessories and spare parts need in case of helping manufacturers to reverse engineer the making process of a part.
This can speed up the processes and we could continue to grow to produce goods in markets.

If you want to know more about Rahimian Jewelry, you can visit their website here!


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