Iran 3DShow 2017
Interview with Mostafa Shahrmiani

3DBaz Exclusive – One of the most interesting parts of the Iran 3DShow 2017 was visiting where 3DFast settled.
We are talking about a new vision in Iran 3D Printing which was unreachable until they were formed.
You’ll find out more, stay tuned…

3DFast is one of the youngest startups in Iran 3D Printing.
Therefore, we performed an interesting interview with Mostafa Shahrmiani, Founder and CEO at 3DFast.

  • We asked about their history and how they got started. He told us:

We are almost 1 year old in this industry.
A dynamic structure has formed our core in a way that the team do the job in a perfect manner.
As we noticed this is one of our strengths so far.
Our goal is to become an integrated network of 3D printing so the 3D Printer owners could find their way in our system and provide their services (Something like 3DHubs).
So far we experienced a satisfying feedback and almost 1000 3D Printers had been indexed in Iran, and we are adding them to our network gradually.
We had also collaboration with most of the participants here.
Fortunately the cooperation with Science and Technology Vice presidency and other members led to this event in a way so we can boost our power and reduce additional costs as much as we are able to.
Iran 3DSHow 2017
Sattari visiting 3Dfast
  • Digital Media role

Of course digital media has a crucial role in creativity and engaging people with innovation is done by Medias.

We are happy to see an agency like 3DBaz is present here and your participation is clearly visible.

Iran 3DShow 2017, 3dFast, Shahrmiani
Interview with Mostafa Shahrmiani from 3DFast
  • Plans to grow business worldwide

Attending the CeBit in Germany was one of those fortunate event we had.
Actually it was our first international attendance.
It is certainly great for us to expand our activity outside the country but our mid-term road-map is set to improve and optimize the product made in Iran (DLP and FDM)
Our first priority is to help increase the sales rate and services.
  • How about big manufacturers? Are they 3DFast’s potential clients?

We define our workflow so anybody could submit their request and receive best service.
All you need to do is to upload your file and wait until price is calculated.

Then the work file is sent to a trusted agent which is the nearest to you and provides the best quality.
At the end the prototype is sent to you by delivery.

  • How do you see 3DFast in 2 years ahead?

Our initial requirement is the public engagement.
We must study opportunities and analyze markets and we hope 3DBaz could do its best since your duty is to attract attention.
By improving audience interest in 3D Printing and Iranian technology, we almost can successfully pass through this mission.

The second goal is to improve service providers in 3Dfast network.
Providing and introducing appropriate materials for them, efficient advertising to introduce them, improving hub’s quality and adding new agents is in our current program.
We are considering these items as our main priorities.
  • Final thoughts

We are totally happy to see this amount of participation and we hope to see 3DShow 2018 in a more glorious and outstanding way in the upcoming year.
Also I wish all agencies and startups become bigger and stronger than before.
What all we pursue is to level up and improve the new industry (3D printing) in Iran.

Iran 3DShow 2017
3DFast booth at Iran 3DSHow 2017

If you are interested in 3DFast, you can check their official website here.


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