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Sizan CEO Interview

3DBaz exclusive – If you have already followed 3DBaz recent articles, you would certainly know Sizan had been awarded for making the Best Iranian FDM 3D printer of the year.
This achievement was obtained form Iran 3DSHow 2017 exhibition which included a competition among Iranian 3D Printing companies.

We had a long and exciting conversation, discussing many subjects and problems.
First we talked with Mr. A’rabi, one of the designers working at Sizan.

Sizan- 3dshow 2017
Interview with Mr. A’rabi from Sizan – 3DShow 2017
  • As an initial dialogue opener, we were curious about their history and activities in 3D Printing.

    And we also asked about their future plans. He stated:

Currently Sizan is active in 3 most common 3d printing methods called FDM. DLP and SLA.
We succeeded to localize those technologies and produce machines that are capable doing those tasks.
Developing our products are also in the work and we try to optimize each of our 3d printing solutions.
About future, we have to say there are currently 20-25 commercialized methods in 3d printing and we only have 6 of them inside as locally manufactured machines.
Sizan had already managed to achieve 3 of these technology and the rest had been reached to apply by other Iranian companies.

Keeping that in mind, we pursue another goal and that is to implement ourselves creativity for developing methods.
There is no limits in 3d printing and any indivisual’s innovation can lead to significant achievement.

  • Another subject we talked about was the role of R&D in advancing their activities.

    By claiming that 3d printing is a newcomer in Iran(at least), He commented:

It is only 35 years of first 3d printing patent from then and now.
However, If domestic and international company wouldn’t upgrade and revise their job, they will definitely lose their market and reputation.

This a proof that we also have no choice but to optimize and develop our methods and embrace new technologies and trends.
  • How about digital media? How do you find them in today’s market?

In my opinion, they don’t work enough efficient and one enterprise must be dedicated to this field.

If you consider a company assign sales and advertisement to a single department, not only they can’t perform well enough, they might even have no idea about what they are doing.

One center must be formed for activities like these as a systematic source.
We’ve got agencies for investment or sales and they perform independent from each other.
It could be much better if any consideration like those I mentioned, be formed for digital and online media.

At this point, our conversation with Mr. A’rabi was over. After couple of hours, we found Mr. Nikookar; CEO of Sizan. He actually won the best FDM 3D Printer of the year at the moment!

Long story short, he retold Sizan’s history, backing to 5 years ago when they were formed. Also he said Sizan’s product has unique properties comparing to others like: low depreciation, lower vibration while printing, high quality body structure, ease of repair considering it is modular, commercial properties and being mass produced.
Sizan team - 3dshow 2017
Sizan team preparing for competition
He claimed self-belief is one of the key factors to succeed in 3d printing markets.
He advised while there could be massive rates of money loss, but you have to manufacture a product 100% inside to match your clients need.
  • As final question, we asked if Sizan have any interaction worldwide or not?

He believed presence in global market is vital and government’s help is an extremely crucial factor to succeed globally.

At the end, He finalized his thoughts:
Considering many of our manufacturers in Iran hasn’t got enough experience and skill in international affairs, we invite all expertise to involve us in exporting.
They can help us by transferring their knowledge to us to have more things to talk when it comes to worldwide activities.
If you are interested to know more about Sizan, make sure to check their website here!


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