ZXPrinter, 3dshow 2017, Iran
ZXPrinter Interview

3DBaz Exclusive – As recently reported, the first 3D Printing event in Iran (Iran 3DShow 2017) held from May 1 to 3 and the competition among Iranian 3D printers was an interesting part of it.

ZXPrinter was one of those companies who achieved the second place of the best FDM 3D Printers.
So due to this achievement, we had an interview with two experts of ZXPrinter staff, Mr. Ebdali and Mr. Mansouri.

ZX Printer booth iran 3dshow 2017
ZXPrinter booth at Iran 3DShow 2017
  • First, Mr. Ebdali started to talk about the future of ZXPrinter.

We are devising a strategic plan for exporting our devices and of course it isn’t all we do!
But also developing and localizing various types of technologies for 3d printing is our other purpose.

Then Mr.Mansouri told us about the importance of Research & Development.
He clearly claimed that the manufacturing process of a device with any kind of 3D Printing method will take time just about 1 month, if only there would be enough financial supports and investments.
despite of numerous participants and attendance, Mr. Ebdali complained about weaknesses of digital and social media to inform people for this event.
“We hope to see more efforts in taking the best of media in the future.” He told.
  • Finally, we asked Mr. Mansouri all his requests from officials that he replied

Thanks for your appropriate question, actually the worst challenge in our career is to take the Knowledge-based certification which has defined extremely difficult standards for manufacturers to qualify.
We certainly need this certificate to get more financial supports but unfortunately, there is lots of tough and strict rules for volunteers.
We would be happy if some actions be considered to simplify this process.

After lots of feed backs on this matter, 3DBAZ wants to share this message to respected officials and invite them to do their best as fast as possible to smooth the process for achieving Knowledge-based certification by manufacturers.

If are interested in ZXPrinter, find out more here!


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