3DShow 2017 Dr. Mashayekh

3DBaz Exclusive – It’s been days we just passed through the 1st International 3D Printing Exhibition in Iran, Iran 3DShow 2017.
We made quite impressive talks with the participants and also some executive officers.
Here we start with Dr. Mashayekh in charge of Vice Presidency of Advanced Manufacturing and material development Staff. Stay with us.

3DShow 2017 Dr. Mashayekh

  • At first we asked him what was the outcomes of this 1st event related to 3D Printing and AM, Also how he analyses the satisfaction and efficiency. He Stated:

This event was officially the first immersive effort to gather those who are active in AM or 3D Printing industry.

Given that this field is too young in the country, therefore we audience rate is low. But we assume big crowds of this small group of people have participated and come for the event.

We hope the numbers go high in the upcoming years so we can consider it in more global aspects.

  • We got many Iranian and domestic manufacturers, what do you have in mind to support these small businesses and startups?

As you mentioned, the number of companies and agencies attended this exhibition is somehow high. These companies had submitted their name and brand to register as “Knowledge-based” companies.

In case they achieve this certificate they can use the legal benefits of this certificate, like financial and Non-financial facilities. Some companies hadn’t made any move but as soon as we aware them, they are making moves to achieve and submit for the certificate.

3DShow 2017 Dr. Mashayekh

Mr. Sahebkar, The Supervisor of Knowledge-based Affairs in Vice Presidency of Scientific foundation has come and interviewed with other companies and provided them useful information.
We predict that lots of companies are able to submit and register for the paper to get legal benefits.
  • We have many Chinese products in the market with low and affordable prices. This goods had been priced in way in which Iranian companies can’t compete against their prices. Do you have any plans like considering subsidies for them?

You just mentioned a true fact. There are 2 solutions to have them designed:

The first is to utilize capacities of “Made in Iran” exhibition held a week ago and some participants here who had longer history presented there too.

There we considered if Governmental research centers or universities are the customers of their products we can set discounts up to 50% based on the technology level so the Vice Presidency will hold the charge and pay the price. Therefore the price will cut to half and Iranian products can compete against Internationals and imported ones.

We also have leasing options to provide to non-governmental customers which they can use them.
But as you know, if we consider specific tariffs for importing goods and not be able to cover inside needs, we will end up losing customer trust.
This event eventually introduce realistic potentials of domestic power in order to organize further actions.
  • Lack of science and applications of 3D printing in industries is obvious. Do you think putting related courses is mandatory?

Certainly. New techs need to be introduced correctly. We can set examples of universities who can put relative courses in their priorities. Also this must happen in business and industry owners to have implemented the concepts in both demand and supply chains.

Fortunately one of the strategies in the National Development and Additive Manufacturing road-map is the engagement of the public. As we mentioned earlier, this is the first stage in a three-day event and beside technical achievements, we have educational and promotional talks as a part of the event. This should be expanded in wider ranges.

We have to support these vents in both national and regional aspects by increasing in numbers, quality, activities and inviting international experts. This has to be continued for ultimate development.

All in all, we are at the initial steps and we hope in near future social awareness of these technologies reach better and higher points.


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