Architects claim this 3D-printed house is earthquake-proof

3DBaz– While we’ve been hearing a lot about 3D-printed structures, this two-storey villa located in Beijing, China, is impressive if it lives up to its claims. The 400-square-metre house, with walls as thick as 2.5 metres, was fully printed in one go, and construction completed in just 45 days. According to The Mirror, a project manager for the house has claimed that the house is sturdy enough to withstand an 8-Richter scale magnitude earthquake. Beijing-based architecture firm Huashang Tengda told reporters that the entire project required limited manual labour in tasks such as painting and decorating.

Although similar projects have been undertaken by other firms previously, the Tongzhou one is the first to be built without breaking up the project into sections then having to piece them together.

The building material used in 3D-printed houses are special reinforced concrete.

Via Mashable


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