NEVA 3D Printer by Dagoma

3DBaz – A new desktop 3D printer called NEVA, has been created by engineering company Dagoma.
It has been designed to provide simple setup, excellent quality and affordable price all in one package.

You can the video below describing more specs and description about the 3D Printer. The project is ongoing in Kickstarter.

Here is the 3D Printer properties from its own language!

It seems I’m the most fantastic and humble delta 3Dprinter.
I’m the only one 50% printed… And I’m printed locally… Or I will! And I count on you to do it 🙂 !

I come from a big Family: the Dago’family.

Dagoma was created in 2014 in France by 2 engineers who want to change the world and our way to consume thanks to 3Dprinting.

To answer this strong mission, they first created my sister: the DiscoEasy200 printer.
My sister is quiete famous in France: more than 8000 machines have been sold already, making Dagoma Leader in 3D printing in France and number 3 in Europe.

After 2 years, my parents wanted to re-invent the simplicity and use of 3D printers.
That’s why they created me: the most magic, simple and affordable printer for all!
At the same time, they decided to open a second factory and establish it… in the US in Goleta.
And this is the target of this Kickstarter: having enough backers to be able to launch this factory and deliver me to all of you quickly and in a eco-friendly way!

although it looks pretty amazing, but we didn’t get any special details about the product.

Source: Kickstarter | GG


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