Dubai Future Accelerators will change the world
Dubai Future Accelerators will change the world

3DBaz- H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, has launched the Dubai Future Accelerators, the largest accelerator for government services in the world, to enable rapid deployment of transformative technologies. This is fantastic news for all things tech in Dubai, including 3D printing.

Accelerators, which are programs and integrated systems, will enable entrepreneurs and innovators transform their ideas into successful companies. The initiative will speed up the deployment of transformative technologies by bringing leaders in government and the world’s most innovative companies together.

Dubai Future Accelerators has been designed as part of the “Dubai Future Agenda” to develop 21st century solutions and initiatives around the world. It seeks to bring together top international companies and entrepreneurs to address seven key “21st century opportunities” to create breakthrough solutions for exciting opportunities and pressing challenges.

This includes the application of cutting edge technologies like AI and robotics, genomics, 3D printing, distributed ledgers, biomimicry and biotechnology, as well as new business models and ways of working.

“This is not a traditional accelerator programme,” Dubai Future Foundation CEO, Saif Al Aleeli said. “This isn’t about marketing plans and search engine optimisation. This is about connecting your ideas and innovations with the people who have the power to make them real. This is about creating and testing real proof of concepts and prototypes at the city-wide scale.”

The Dubai Future Accelerators will focus on identifying and deploying futuristic prototypes and products on a city-wide scale, something which no other program has offered until now. The program is structured around seven organisations, including Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, Dubai Police, Dubai Municipality, Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority and Dubai Holding.
Dubai Future Accelerators will change the world

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