GrabCAD Print – Private Beta is now public

3dbaz – Want to maximise the potential of your 3D printer whilst minimising the faff? Then this is the program for you!

GrabCAD Print is a piece of software that has been developed with the aim of streamlining your 3D printing workflow, by not only skipping the step of converting your CAD files but also providing a tool for the organisation of your print queues.

This program also allows the user to make the use of default settings and notifications, as well as showing the user detailed views of the model and tray, and a slice preview. This reduces the chance of failed prints, and therefore saves potential wasted print material and errors. GrabCAD Print also shows you how much printing material is left for each printer to to help the user budget and plan preparing materials, and notifies you when the print job is done or if there are errors to limit wasted time.

One feature this software also provides is its ability to allow the user to use their smartphones and other smart devices to operate 3D printers. Many people are relying more and more on their smartphones to do bigger and and more complex tasks, so this feature may be particularly useful to some specific potential uses. The program is connected via a cloud network. There is no need for a specific app, so devices with OS other than IOS and Android can also use GrabCAD Print. Since this program uses cloud, you can also print from anywhere in the world. Imagine working at home, and being able to print your 3D model at work, whilst still sitting at home! This hasn’t come at the cost of a user-friendly user-interface, as printing can be as easy as loading a model and pressing ‘Print’.

And at the glorious price of nothing whilst the program is in Beta mode, it’s definitely worth checking out!

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