HTC seeks to spin off VR business

3Dbaz– The establishment of an independent VR (virtual reality) subsidiary will help HTC build alliances with, or solicit equity investment from, potential strategic partners, HTC president for global sales Chia-lin Chang said at the company’s latest general shareholders meeting.

Alliance agreements will help HTC enhance its competitiveness and play a more important role in the growing global VR market, Chang told shareholders.

HTC’s current tie-up with game developers Valve will help each other, and more importantly, will help HTC ramp up shipments of the HTC Vive given that Valve has a total of 130 million users worldwide, HTC chairperson and CEO Cher Wang added.

VR is a very important technology for HTC, and it is not difficult for HTC to generate profits from the technology as there will be a proliferation of VR applications in the education, healthcare, shopping and entertainment sectors over the next 10 years, Wang said.

As a result, HTC needs strategic partners as well as investors to maintain its leading market position and sustain its mid-range to long-term earnings targets, Wang added.

Via Digitimes


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