Huawei Honor VR Headset announced

3dbaz- About three weeks ago we had informed you of the Huawei VR headset that the company had in the works. Today, Huawei announced the rival of the Samsung Gear VR.

As expected, the headset functions similarly to the Gear VR, being a case on which Huawei smartphones will be attached to provide the suitable content. Those handsets will be the Huawei P9, P9 Plus, Mate 8 and of course the newly announced Honor V8, the first 2K device from Huawei.

The new headset has built-in HiFi offering 360° sound (provided that the user’s headset has support for it) and because you can’t wear your glasses while wearing the VR headset, it can adjust your myopia up to 7 points.

The device also supports the Video 2.0 mode of the Honor V8, along with its eye protection mode and Cinema mode. What is more, in cooperation with Youku, the Honor VR headset will receive 1,000 VR movies. What is a little worrying is that it lacks game support for the time being, but we hope Huawei has something in the works for that as well.

2016 is a big year for VR devices and so far all of them require you to wear a mask in order to enjoy the fascinating gadgets. Would you buy one?

source :gizmochina


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