Mahmoodi from idesign at 3dshow 2017
3DShow 2017: Interview with Mr. Mahmoodi from iDesign

3DBaz Exclusive – Back in our 3DShow 2017 talks, we made an interview with Mr. Mahmoodi, the CEO of iDesign. In a short introduction, they have started their job from 2011 in 3D Printing industry and manufactured their commercial SLS 3D Printing machine just recently.

According to Mahmoodi, their enterprise succeeded to prototype an SLS 3D Printer in 2013. They kept up the good work and after couple of years in research and development, we can see their final product here in 3DShow 2017, called T1 – R230.

The 3D Printer was introduced firstly in the “Made in Iran” exhibition days before 3DShow. After that, we had a chance to see and celebrate this achievement.

idesign 3dshow 2017
iDesign Booth at 3DShow 2017
idesign 3dshow 2017
iDesign Booth at 3DShow 2017
Their commercial name “iDesign” intrigued our curiosity so we asked why they chose this name for themselves. He explained:

Nowadays 3D Printers have eliminated many of design and manufacture limits. So by now, designers can do their job way easier than before and have their abstract model just like they want.

We try to induct our users that there aren’t such limits in design processes any more. Therefore, you can design your thoughts and sky is the limit!

After appreciating the officials for making this event happen, he emphasized that all people in this industry have to focus on production and submitting added value.

He restated that we should be so strong in production so there wouldn’t be any need for oil export incomes and as much as our population is, we have to generate capacities to manufacture every person’s needs.

How about T1 – R230 specs?

The T1 – R230 is a Selective Laser Sintering System.
The features of this industrial machine are quite impressive and can easily be considered as a potential option for manufacturing enterprises and R&D departments.
As we reviewed the catalog provided by company, it provides 2 building options which we assume they work individually. If that’s the way it works, it looks great!

Now let’s check out the numbers and specs:

  • Main build size: 200 x 250 x 300 mm

  • Small form factor build size: 90 x 120 x 150 mm

  • Printing speed: 21mm/h in Z axis

  • Layer thickness: 60-180 microns

  • Size: 1195 x 1350 x 2495 mm

  • Required field for installation: 5000 x 5000 x 3000 mm

  • Total weight: 1200 Kg

  • Supported CAD file in machine: .slc – .stl format is supported

  • Connection port: USB

  • supported material: ASAL Poly-amid 12, ASAl Titanum (ASAL is iDesign’s brand. Other materials including metals, ceramics, composites and etc are usable. only by company authorization).

  • Interactive Customer support and tutorials are also provided

iDesign’s SLS 3D Printer – front view
iDesign’s SLS 3D Printer – front view- doors open
iDesign’s SLS 3D Printer – interior
iDesign’s SLS 3D Printer – interior

If you are interested in iDeign’s activities, visit their website to find out more!



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