zortax ecosystem
Zortax Inventure ecosystem

Originally published by 3DPI– Award winning 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has launched the Inventure 3D printer.
Zortrax made the announcement at it’s Zortrax Experience event, which took place this week in Olsztyn, Poland.
The Inventure was first announced back in 2015, and is a dual nozzle 3D printer with a heated and closed build chamber.

zortax experience event
Zortax experience

Zortrax S.A. CEO Rafał Tomasiak explains, “We used the Zortrax Experience to present new products for all elements of our ecosystem.”

Tomasiak adds:

The star is the Zortrax Inventure 3D printer.
The new version of the original Z-SUITE software offers numerous useful functions, which will improve the day-to-day operations of our clients even more.
We are very glad to have been able to present everything live, right here in Olsztyn, where it all began.

Business partners around the globe selling Zortax products had participated in the event.
There were more than 100 and from over 80 countries in total.
This 3D Printer will be available from June 20th and the pricing is set for $2990.
If The Dissolve Support System (DSS) is included, the price will rise up to $3490 for the bundle.

Features and specs

Since Zortax Inventure is not an entry level solution, It is crafted for ultimate and professional usage rather than everyday use.
The Inventure will take place on M200 and M300 Line-Up.
Having 2 nozzle grants working simultaneously with standard and water-soluble materials to ensure you will get the most complex design with no flaws.

Inventure DSS
Zortax Inventure DSS system
Having a heated closed chamber also ensures high quality printing of wider range of industrial grade plastics.
The HEPA filter brings a higher level of safety to device. Last but not least, The build volume is 140 x 140 x 140 mm for the mighty Zortax Inventure.
[Source/Images]: 3DPI


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