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Iran 3DShow 2017 opening

3DBaz Exclusive – It’s almost a weeks after Iran 3DShow 2017 and we are going to cover what had happened during the 3D Printing exhibit.
Actually it was meant to be an Additive Manufacturing Symposium, but plans didn’t go on schedule and we had drastic changes in dates and content.

3dshow 2017, Iran, 3d printing
3dbaz audience

Iran 3DShow 2017 contained 3 Parts: Exhibition, Talks and Competition.

The event was held at Iran International Conference Center. At first we assume that the 3D printing talks were going to alternate the so called AM Symposium keynote speakers, but eventually we found out only 3 of them attended the talks and other keynotes were changed to various subjects and other people.
4 scientific speeches were given in total beside applied talks.. The subjects include: Introducing the SLS 3D printing method, polymers used in 3D printers and bio printers and 3D printing technology

All in all, let’s back to our report taken from the Show. Stay tuned.
The competition was going to host competitors from FDM, DLP/SLA and SLS/SLM/Binder Jet machines.
But just days before the show it was announced the marathon will host only FDM and DLP machines since there weren’t enough Iranian participants for SLM/SLM/Binder Jet machines.
The competition consisted of 13 FDM machine providers and 4 DLPs.
Competitors at Iran 3DShow 2017
Competitors at Iran 3DShow 2017

Approximately 30 companies, agencies and startups attended the show and were present at their booths.
You could find totally domestic companies providing real Iranian products, companies who were trying to reverse engineer other brand’s goods and the agencies who provide whole services and products of other companies.
The big names were 3DFast(an integrated 3D Printing network like 3dhubs), Sizan, iDesign, Rahimian, APA and Noura Layeh Negar.

Iran 3DShow 2017, 3d printing
DR. Badrosamay Interview from Noura Layeh Negar
Iran 3DShow 2017, 3d Printing
Interview with iDesign CEO – SLS 3D Printer manufacturer
Iran 3DSHow 2017, 3D Printing
Interview with APA
Iran 3DSHow 2017, 3D Printing
Interview with 3DGeppetto

Iran 3DSHow 2017, 3D Printing
Visiting the iDesign SLS Machine
3Dfast booth at Iran 3DShow

At Day #1 we were introduced to National road-map of Additive manufacturing Program provided by vice presidency of Science and technology affairs.

According to National Elites Foundation, “An annual road-map has been set with this act so that we know what activities get us to the considered prospective each year. However, the most important point predicted in the act is the mean annual growth of 25 percent for the additive manufacturing industry so that at the end of the 10th year, Iran will own 40 percent of the 3D printing market in Middle-East.”

Secretary of the advanced manufacturing and materials development headquarter, Dr. Mehrdad Shokrieh talked about the academic human resources in Iran and stated “We successfully trained more than 50 thousand graduates in material and 3D printing science.”
3D printing is about software, electronics and materials. Investors from inside and outside must cooperate until this technology reach a stable point. We have 10-year plans so we can finally export Iranian 3D printing machines in initial markets like Africa and south eastern Asia.

Also we have to engage knowledge-based companies to attract general audience especially by submitting multi-media contents.

Another plan will be forming the Iranian 3D printing forum which will gather both academic and industrial institutions. Iran must reach its market share up to 40% in Middle-East for the 2026 road-map.

Dr. Sourena Sattari attended this event with high intentions. Since he is in charge as vice president for science and technology affairs. First he claimed 3D Printing is the key in future of industries and will embrace various sections of industry.

He also added that Construction industry is one of those section which soon has to prepare itself to emerge new technologies like 3D Printing. It is essential because we are already using old-fashioned methods and tools to move on. It can make dramatic cost reductions and increase quality and accuracy in a subtle way.

It was a big pleasure since Dr. Sattari visited 3DBaz booth warmly and asked our activities and future plans. It was at this moment he stated media could have a crucial role in public engagement.
Iran 3DShow 2017, 3d printing
Sourena Sattari visiting 3DBaz
Also Hamid Reza Amiri Nia, chief executive of the knowledge-based company of Barekat, attended the Iran International Conference Center and visited the pavilions of this exhibition.
He commented:
Achievements and products demonstrated in this exhibition promise that there are young and expert forces in this interdisciplinary field. We also witness a 80-million market in the country for this field which although it’s not enough,  Iran is located in a region with a 400-million-people market. Therefore, there must be an export-based vision in this field and via the vice presidency for scientific affairs, we will witness youths’ employment.

One of eye catching sections where the Iranian SLS machine took part. According to officials, Iran joined to 7 countries who now own this method of Additive manufacturing in 3D Printing.

Eventually, it was time to announce the winners of the competition. In FDM section:

  • The first place went to Sizan Corporation who created the Sizan 3L Machine and named as the best Iranian FDM Printer of year by Iran 3DShow.

  • The second belonged to ZX-printer for Hermes 3D printer.

  • And third place went to Namogostar Diaco Rad for S-Diaco 3D printer.

Sizan, Iran 3dshow, 3d printing
Sizan CEO Interview
ZXPrinter, 3dshow 2017, Iran
ZXPrinter Interview

And in DLP section we only had 2 winners snce the other were disqualified due to lack of reaching standards. The awards went to:

  • Mr. Rahimian from Rahimian Jewelry for the Parsa3D DLP machine as the best Iranian DLP 3D printer.

  • And the second place belonged to Karno jam for SD1280 DLP 3D Printer.

Iran 3dshow, 3d printing
All competitors and participants in Iran 3DShow

3DBaz believes that this event was so useful for Iran but not supporting knowledge-based companies properly was the dark spot. You can clearly see the outcomes since the only company who could build a real and pure Iranian product was Sizan.

Other countries in middle east have extremely huge plans for 3D Printing and they are already taking gigantic steps forward. So, developing an FDM 3D printer could not be an ultimate goal.
Investing in large scales must be mandatory if we are eager to have something to talk about.
Iran 3DSHow 2017, 3D Printing
3DBaz live media coverage team – Right to left: Ahmad Mokhtari – Mohammad Sadeq Majdi – Erfan Rezaei


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