knuckles by valve
knuckles vr controller

Originally reported by Geeky-Gadgets – Valve has officially announced this week that it will be launching its new “Knuckles” VR Controllers which are currently available to developers and provide improved gesture and hand recognition while in virtual reality environments.

Officially unveiled eight months ago during the Steam Dev days 2016 the Knuckles VR controllers will now be officially launched as a piece of consumer hardware, although no exact release date has been announced by Valve as yet.

knuckles vr by valve
knuckles vr controller finger tracking

Let’s hope it helps make the new Skyrim game even more enjoyable when it launches as a VR title later this year.

To gain access this community, you will need to set up the Knuckles controllers Valve sent you or your company.
Once you’ve installed the Knuckles driver, you will be able to participate in the discussions.
Only participants of the Knuckles hardware testing group be able to post in the discussions.
Our goals in seeding the developer community with these controllers is to give developers hands on experience with the new interactions that Knuckles offers.
We hope that you all will start thinking about how your content can take advantage of these new interactions.

[Source/Images]: Geeky Gadgets


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