Live @ Iran 3D Show 2017 – 2nd day (Finished)


3DBaz Exclusive – As we said before, the first Iranian Additive manufacturing event is beginning. Yes! Iran 3D Show 2017; We can say it will be the first step of Iranian 3DPrinting manufacturers to show their power to design and make accurate 3D Devices.

Now we are ready to report 3d show event as below:

The 2nd Day:

9:15 AM – Video Conference : Dr. Peyman Torabi (3DEO R&D Manager)

He is one of those enthusiast who embrace 3D Printing when it was bbegining to reach Iran. He talked about those time when there was only 2 3D Printer in Iran worth more than 2 million dollars.

He started to design his own machine. It was really tough since they used a 2D Printer head inside their 3D Printing machine!

when he designed his 3rd version of his machine, he did the job in 15-meter workshop. but he succeeded. Eventually, he claimed the goal of this Skype call was to motivate the young generation to follow their heart. although we do teamwork rarely and it’s a huge disappointment, but no one is allowed to give up in this fast growing industry.

The gist of this talk was about Printing metals and innovation he and his team made in the field.

10:00 AM – Dr. Farshad Barazande (Amir kabir University Professor) – Printing of Extra-ordinary object

At first he talked about SLA, Ceramic Polymer Printing, casting and SLS methods.

He stated that in near future there will be more than 300 methods of printing. So, nobody should be satisfied by current numbers.

Then he talked about challenges in the aforementioned methods which time is the most critical. This case will lead customers avoid evolving their processes into 3D Printing.

Then he talked about his achievement that was published with 6 month delay. This was a disaster, since the Nature magazine published the same achievement and if he could afford to bring it up earlier, many things could have been changed.

After a while, talks become more technical. He introduced the LAMP technique which is a brand new achievement. We were told this could reduce manufacturing process as much as 4 times. This will lead to drastic economic efficiency.

Part 3: Mr. Halvayi speeches- Bioprinters and Organ printing

Some of the big names in medical 3D Printing manufacturers were introduced. He mentioned EPIBON as one of the most active members of Bone bioprinting.

He stated that nowadays Medical 3D Printing is one of the most crucial subjects in this era.

the whole speech was consist of reviewing the history of making organs and the methods which made an impressive advancements to help medicine become stronger and more helpful.

As final thoughts, 3DBaz asked a question about future of 3D Bioprinting. He reminded that we hope this technology will find its way to clinics and hospitals of Iran in 4 to 5 upcoming years. This will happen if researchers do their best at this field.

Part 4: 3D Printing in Initial Prototyping – Mr Gholivand

This speech had general information about applications of 3D printing in modeling. The very first usage is in Jewelry industry. he stated that using 3D Printing in jewelry reduce cost in modeling, has less challenges in creating complex models and can achieve levels of design complexity in a reliable way.

Part 5: Documentary; Print the Legend

At 15:30, the movie has begun. the subject was related to 3D Printing and had a review of great startup who are new playing a big role in industry, but as you may know, like many other startups they start their work from the scratch.

Part 6: Funders and accelerators

Unfortunately due to not presenting the participants, this stage was canceled. We hope we can discuss with them since funding startups in Iran is extremely critical.

Stay tuned, The show still goes on.


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