Live @ Iran 3D Show 2017 – Day #3

The first Iranian Additive manufacturing event ( Iran 3D Show 2017) has finished. Within three days, We faced exciting participation we couldn't imagine before.

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Live @ Iran 3D Show 2017 – Day #3

3DBaz Exclusive – The first Iranian Additive manufacturing event ( Iran 3D Show 2017) has finished.  Within three days, We faced exciting participation we couldn’t imagine before.

Now we are ready to report last day of 3d show event. Stay with us…

Opening @ 9:15 a.m by Mr. Mahmoodi, iDesign CEO – SLS and its applications

As usuall, he had some initial talk about history of SLS in 3D Printing.
Then he discussed the applications in which you can use finished products not only as prototypes, but also as final and commercialized parts.
This happens because the infill and strength in SLS method is high enough compared to other techniques.

Then he moved to medical and implant talks and mentioned SLS can be used in other fields.

As final notes, Mahmoodi defined differences between SLM and SLS with an eye on future of this technology in Aerospace, Building structures, materials and home applications.

Part 2 @ 9:50 a.m by Dr. Behzadnasab; Academic staff of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute – Introducing Polymers in manufacturing AM materials
Dr. behzadnasab completely described specs and features of materials in FDM-based machines like ABS and PLA.
Then he reviewed polymers role in producing filaments like PET, PVA, HIPS and Poly-Carbonate.
He opened up an impressive subject in which he defined the price differences.
He noted that this wide range is caused by different rates of polymers that resulted changes in chemical and mechanical properties.
That’s why we have different price tags on materials.

Part 3 @ 10:30 a.m by Dr. Naeemipoor; Avicenna Research Institute – Bio Printers and 3D printing

Like other keynote speakers, He started by introducing the concept of Bio Printers and why they are created.
Then he took a glance at the history of these devices and its applications in Biological fields.
He provided the efforts and researches of Avicenna Institute in Medical 3D printing developments.
As final notes he discussed bio materials and the road map he imagined for country in future.
He told that by having efficient potential in research centers Iran must have something to say and show off in Bio printing.

Final part @ 12:00 p.mEnding ceremony and announcing winners.

At first Dr. Shokrieh – Advanced Manufacturing and materials department Officer – started to speak.

He restated the high importance of domestic manufacturing.
Then he appreciated the participants’ presence and apologized if there was any lacks.
He hoped and encouraged the makers to level themselves up to reach global brands and companies standards.

Then Dr. Amir Ghaffari came up and talked about parameters and standards in which competitors were being judged according to them.
Before announcing winners, the board thanked all competitors for their courage and integrity.
Rayantech, Borna3D, Sahand group, Institute of Mechanic and Mechatronic of University of Tehran, APA and Arman Sazan Hooshmand were applaud and appreciated with a memorial and honorary title.

And Here we had the Winners:

In FDM 3D Printing, The awards went to

  • 1st Place: Sizan corporation for 3L.

  • 2nd Place: ZXPrinter for Hermes.

  • 3rd Place: Diaco corporation for Diaco S

And In DLP 3D printing, The awards went to
  • 1st Place: Parsa3D DLP machine(model not specified)
  • 2nd Place: Karno Jam DLP machine(model not specified)
Note: Due to lack of qualified competitors in DLP section, There were only 2 winners.
And as you may followed, The SLM/SLS/Binder Jet section cancelled since there weren’t enough participants.

Eventually, they mentioned that Scaled 3D printed Model Challenge is still ongoing and it might take a month to consider winner. Therefore we assumed that the show is still going on.

After giving the awards, audience were guided back to exhibition. The event lasted for more 5 hours and we guessed this happened since there was still collaboration opportunities for the people.

3DBaz did its best to fully cover this event. We hope this report had enough information. Stay tuned with us since we’ve got lots more to talk.


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