Live @ Iran 3D Show 2017 – Day 1 (Finished)

3DBaz Exclusive – As we said before, the first Iranian Additive manufacturing event is beginning. Yes! Iran 3D Show 2017; We can say it will be the first step of Iranian 3DPrinting manufacturers to show their power to design and make accurate 3D Devices.

Now we are ready to report 3d show event as below at time:

The 1st Day:

9:00 AM – Event is begging by restating Quran and Iran National Anthem

9:15 AM – Opening and welcome

9:30 AM – Dr. Shokrieh is specifying and describe international 3D technology position and its role and compartment it in Iran. He said: “We are serious to invest and support companies which want to start and work on additive manufacturing. Holding this event is the first step of our support and making competition between 3DPrinter manufacturers to make accurate 3DPrinters and to rate them. We have strong plans to establish courses in colleges and universities to grow Additive Manufacturing Industries in Iran.

10:00 AM – Dr. Mashayekh said: “

  • There are 12 disruptive technologies in the world until 2025 and 3dprinting is the one theme
  • Forecasting 3d technology revenue in MEA is around $25b
  • since we Iran additive manufacturing  commit is start to work since one years ago
  • Iran 3dprinter market is growing up as same as global market
  • we need to focus on internal and global marketing to improve
  • we need to be independant for programming softwares
  • we have plans to be the one of the tops at south west Asia until 2025

10:20AM – Dr. Ghafari

  • We’re planning to consider Iranian additive manufacturing activities
  • This event has been contain three step: 1.Competitions(FDM,SLA/DLP,SLS), 2.Exhibition, 3.Talks

After some notes about stats and future plans, attendants were invited to visit the 3DShow.

The competition was officially started and the crowd attendance was eye-catching. there was plenty of startup who were trying to analyze the market.

At noon, 3DBaz was busy receiving its audience. So we might miss some keynotes.

It was 2:37 when Dr. Amirkhani began her speeches. She had plenty of research and case studies in hand and was one of brightest scientific person at 1st day. She noted 3D printing is usually considered as an Additive technique. But there is another term called “The growing” technique.

She assumed that Carbon 3D innovation and its exclusive method could even stand against 3D Systems or even Stratsys. The aforementioned startup received about $180m fund in 2 stages.

She asked why could people this huge amount of money on such company? She noted it’s always about number of machines you have, but your idea and innovation are the critical factors which could make you stand out. This is exactly what happened to Carbon 3D.

After this part she talked about Dental applications.
Actually doctors might have challenge using 3D printers. The prefer use old-fashioned ways which are more reliable.

At this point, 3D Scanners came in action. not ordinary 3d Scanners, but she meant oral and accurate 3D Scanners will take their part.

Laboratories must have collaboration with doctors who use digital scanners. In this way data must be sent to Lab’s database and the process will continue [Looks like she meant the 3M Scanner workflow].

There will be challenges, but she hopes by defining modern work flows, you won’t need old-fashion dental opertaions.

Last part: Fab Labs by Mr. Noorian.

There were no talks about 3D Printers and the IoT. but Mr Norrian came up and talked about the Fab Labs. actually, we are not sure if he meant the real fab lab. but there could be agencies who could serve the same as The real Fab Lab.

Most of his speech were consist of Design and Manufacture history. The early human history and the way he interacted with world by making. But by Industrial revolution, There couldn’t be enough space for thinkers to make and create their ideas.

But with Fab Lab, Makers gather together and create. that’s it! It is as simple as we said and he hoped we can have this offices in Iran to generalize these processes.

End of Day #1.


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