Sonicam VR Camera

Originally reported by Geeky Gadgets – A new 3D virtual reality video camera has been created by Sonicam which has been designed to provide a professional yet affordable 360 video and audio recording system perfect for creating 3D and virtual reality experiences.


Priced at $2600 for earlybird backers, the Sonicam is expected to start shipping during October 2017.

According to officials, this is the upcoming VR video camera descriptions:

SONICAM is the world’s first affordable, high-quality VR camera for sound and video.
Equipped with 9 cameras and a whopping 64 microphones, SONICAM can capture 3D 4K imagery mapped to 3D ambisonic sound!
SONICAM is perfect for professionals craving near real-time, high quality capturing of 3D video and sounds, while remaining affordable!
SONICAM combines the latest in video production technology, intuitively accounting for 3D spatial sound, real-time video stitching, live streaming and auto noise reduction for a seamless image stitching experience!
That’s the all-in-one 360º camera made just for you!

If you’d like to know more, jump over the kickstarter page for more info!

Source: Kickstarter


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