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Iran 3DShow will feature 3D Printing Exhibition and AM symposium in...

Couple of months ago we found out Iran’s first AM symposium is going to take place at May, instead of early days of 2017.

Here’s what we expect from Iran’s first Symposium of Additive Manufacturing;...

It’s great to hear that finally Iran is officially taking impressing steps toward Additive Manufacturing and other advanced methods of making.

Dual nozzle Winbo Cooper 3D Printer: Specs and pricing

Let's get to the exciting, Dual nozzle Winbo's latest champion, The Cooper 3D Printer.

Stratasys to release New FDM F123 series of 3D printers

We haven't heard from Stratasys for a while. But things just changed. New F123 series of 3D printers are out, which are all based on FDM.

Dubai Dental Authority to embrace Dental 3D printing in a near...

Dubai Health Authority (DHA) announced plans to embrace the use of 3D printing in dentistry and healthcare at recent weeks at Arab Health Congress (AHC) in Dubai.

Researchers create 3d printed human skin by bioprinter in Madrid

Researchers from the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) have developed a prototype bioprinter that can 3D print functioning skin cells.

Wanhao USA Releases Their Newest 3D Printer, the Duplicator i3 PLUS

3dbaz - As the desktop 3D printing market in Europe and North America slightly wavers between success and failure, the companies conquering this emerging...

Bioplastics made from coffee and orange?

3dbaz- The Digital Matter Intelligent Construction Research Studio at the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia has outlined a spectacular method for producing bioplastics from...
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