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3DShow 2017: Exciting interview with Sizan; Awarded as Best FDM 3D...

If you have already followed 3DBaz recent articles, you would certainly know Sizan had been awarded for making the Best Iranian FDM 3D printer of the year.

3DShow 2017: Interview with Dr. Behzadnasab from IPPI

Following our conversations at Iran 3DShow 2017, we had an interview with Dr. Behzadnasab, a member of Academic Staff of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI). As you may know, this institute is one the most successful material manufacturers in Iran who sells its filaments and resins all around Iran.

3DShow 2017: Interview with Mr. Rahimian, manufacturer of Best Iranian DLP...

At late minutes of Iran 3DShow 2017 we made an interesting interview with Mr. Rahimian. He solely took the first place in DLP 3D Printing competition. We named him the One-man army, since he managed to succeed only by his own dedication and hard work.

Talks with iDesign – Manufacturer of first Iranian SLS 3D Printer...

Back in our 3DShow 2017 talks, we keep on with our interview with Mr. Mahmoodi, the CEO of iDesign.

3DShow 2017: Interview with ZXPrinter

As recently reported, the first 3D Printing event in Iran (Iran 3DShow 2017) held from May 1 to 3 and the competition among Iranian 3D printers was an interesting part of it.

3DShow 2017: Interview with Mr. Ghazi from 3DIACO

In the competitions of Iran 3DShow 2017, 3DIACO, the Company with two years of experience in 3D Printing, could achieve the 3rd place for the best FDM 3D Printers.

3DShow 2017: Interview with Dr. Badrossamay, CTO of Noura Imprinting Layers...

It’s a big proud to claim Noura Imprinting Layers Ind. is capable of producing SLM 3D Printers in Iran.

3DShow 2017: Interview with Mr. Habibi from 3DGeppetto

As lots of 3D Printing followers know, 3DGeppetto is one of the firsts in producing customized 3D Printed statues in Iran. In this way, we had an interview with Mr. Habibi of 3DGeppetto in the last day of Iran 3DShow 2017.

3DShow 2017: interview with Ms. Mashhadian of APA

Having interesting experience in Iran 3DShow 2017, we’ve had a nice interview with Ms. Mashhadian of APA (Afarinesh Pendar Ayandeh)

3DShow 2017: Interview with Dr. Mashayekh; Vice Presidency of Advanced Manufacturing...

It’s been days we just passed through the 1st International 3D Printing Exhibition in Iran, Iran 3DShow 2017. We made quite impressive talks with the participants and also some executive officers.
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