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Applications & Advantages of 3DPrinting in Jewelry industry

What do you need to 3D print jewelry? 3DBaz - Actually, there is no single, easy answer to this, since ‘3D printing’ includes many different...

How 3D Printing was used to make the Oscars

3DBAZ - The original Oscar statuette was sculpted in 1928 by Los Angeles artist George Stanley. The first statuettes were cast in bronze by Guido...

SmarTech report predicts the future of 3D printing

3DBaz- If you’re a part of the 3D printing industry, then you need to know where this modern manufacturing miracle is going. You need SmarTech’s...

The Future of Concrete Printing with Imprimere AG

3DBaz- There is a growing popularity in 3D printed concrete forms in recent years, which has many people waiting for an age of 3D printed...

3D Printed Food – A Growing Market

3D Printed Food – A Growing Market

Vader Systems- 3D metal printing with Mk1

Vader Systems- 3D metal printing with Mk1

Hungarian schools to be equipped with 3D printers

The Hungarian ‘3DTECH in Schools’ program takes a huge leap forward by welcoming CrafUnique, Hungarian 3D printer manufacturer and Leopoly, online 3D modeling software developer on board. With this turn the program awards another 10 Hungarian schools with a 3D printer which adds up to 21 institutions equipped with innovative technology due to the initiative.

A Look at Autodesk Advances In 3D Printing

3DBaz- Anyone interested in the advances that Autodesk is making in the 3D printing market and technology arena might be interested in a new...
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