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AONIQ launches PVC 3D Printer

Polyvinyl Chlorine (PVC) has been gradually taking over swathes of traditional building materials in construction; think of the majority of double glazing frames, conservatories and doors built this century, and you'll be thinking of PVC.

Sonicam 360 Degree 3D VR Video Camera preview

A new 3D virtual reality video camera has been created by Sonicam which has been designed to provide a professional yet affordable 360 video and audio recording system

T-1000 3D Printer; Price and specs

Global 3D Systems Based in Los Angeles California is now preparing to start shipping its new T-1000 3D Printer which has been designed to provide high quality 3D prints at an affordable price.

Dual nozzle Winbo Cooper 3D Printer: Specs and pricing

Let's get to the exciting, Dual nozzle Winbo's latest champion, The Cooper 3D Printer.
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