Turn old junk into cool stuff with 3D printing upcycling

Turn old junk into cool stuff with 3Dp upcycling

en.3dbaz.com, upcycling, 3D printing, redid, MyMiniFactory, Nutella

en.3dbaz- The guys over at MyMiniFactory recently redid their homepage, and as I was having a look around I noticed the Upcyclingcategory.

en.3dbaz.com, upcycling, 3D printing, redid, MyMiniFactory, Nutella

 I’m a big lover of turning things into other things, so I was very excited to see what people have come up with so far when 3D printing is thrown into the mix. Now, I’ve never noticed the upcycled catergory before (my co-workers assure me it’s been there since at least March), so there are so many amazing goodies that I’ve never seen that I want to share.

Nutella Wine Glass by Cemal Cetinkaya

Get fat, then get drunk.

Step 1: buy Nutella

Step 2: eat Nutella

Step 3: download and print the wine glass stem here

My wine to Nutella consumption ratio is about equal, so this is perfect for me. As an added bonus, fitting the glasses into the dishwasher will no longer pose a Tetris like problem.

GoPro Adapter by Reg Taylor

Upcycling for underwater photography enthusiasts! Use an old Coca-Cola or water bottle as a flotation device for your GoPro.

Don’t forget to superglue the printed adapter to the bottle lid. To have it float at different levels, just add water to the bottle!

Unless your car is like mine (only has a CD player, no AUX input or Bluetooth capability), CDs are the kind of thing that are so useless and not so old that they’ve become retro (yet).

So why not turn yours into frisbees!!!

“Ever been frustrated enough to throw your CDs across the room only to be even more frustrated when they didn’t fly beautifully straight? Well now you don’t need to worry! Fix this easily printed frisbee to your CDs and watch them fly!”

Genuinely great fun and if you’ve got a favourite CD that’s too scratched to play you no longer have to throw it in the bin, you can throw it to a friend instead!”

Turn old junk into cool stuff with 3Dp upcycling

Zombie Candy Dispenser by Ricardo Salomao

Eat his candy braaaainssssss!

Another Nutella jar design (so I have to eat another jar of the delicious substance? Oh, ok I guess…), watch as the candy disappears from his skull onto his tongue!

Starbucks Bird Feeder by Helder L. Santos

Remember to save your dome lid, juice bottle and straw next time you find yourself at a Starbucks (or Costa, or Nero, or even Gloria Jeans for any Aussies out there).

With them you can make this snazzy upcycled bird feeder!

Be sure to check out the rest of the environmentally conscious designs on MyMiniFactory, and check out the many, many uses for empty Nutella jars while you’re there.

Source: 3dpi


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